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How To Keep Vinyl Floors Cleaned At Home?

Vinyl flooring is great for durability, and affordability. However, learning how to keep vinyl floors cleaned is important to maintain them in the best possible condition.

Vinyl flooring can even be a good option for high-traffic areas of your house. Commonly people consider this flooring type in kitchens. It is mainly because vinyl flooring is versatile and is resistant to stains. Even more, it comes up in a variety of patterns, shapes, and colors. So, if you are having vinyl flooring in your home then you are in luck.

Additionally, when it comes to how to keep vinyl floors cleaned at home, then there are multiple ways you can use to keep it well-maintained in the best possible way. However, here we will learn how to do this more effectively.

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Guide on how to keep vinyl floors cleaned at home

Frankly, cleaning your vinyl floors at home requires a straightforward and regular cleaning routine. Vacuuming and wiping are sufficient ingredients of a cleaning routine for vinyl flooring. It is because removing dust from the floor regularly can avoid the build-up of dirt and dust. Also, maintaining your floors will become easier.

However, if you require deep cleaning of your vinyl floors to remove ground-in stains and dirt, then this guide is the best in this regard. It is because here we will let you learn all the secrets of how to keep vinyl floors cleaned at home.

So, here we go:

Remove dirt and dust

If you want to keep your vinyl flooring cleaned and without any scratches, then you must remove dirt and dust. The fine grains of tiny rocks and dirt can easily come in with shoes. If you will not remove the dirt, these particles can cause scratches to your vinyl flooring when you move onto them.

So, it is highly recommended to remove dirt regularly especially from areas with high traffic to keep dust and dirt at bay. You can use a vacuum to clean your vinyl floor. However, ensure to use soft attachments and settings to avoid any damage to your vinyl flooring.

Also, pay closer attention to underneath furniture, areas near the baseboard, and corners.

Use a cleaner

Before starting to clean your vinyl flooring, you must identify the cleaner you want to use here. For a quick regular cleaning session, prefer using a mild cleaning just like apple cider vinegar. It is because vinegar can clean vinyl flooring without impacting its finishing.

Besides that, you can also use commercial cleaning products that are suitable for vinyl flooring. If your vinyl flooring’s surface is waxed, use suitable cleaners for waxed vinyl flooring.

Even though you can also use dish soap to cut through grease and dirt effectively. However, prefer to use it on and off only to avoid wear on the floor finish.

You can add a few drops of dishwashing soap in apple cider vinegar. Mix both of them with clean water to apply for better and safer results.

Mop your vinyl floor

Remember to apply as little water as possible on your vinyl flooring. It is because even vinyl flooring isn’t porous as stone, however, it still isn’t completely waterproof. So, damp your mop in clean water and squeeze it properly before applying your vinyl floor.

Start moping your floor from the farthest part of your room and make your way towards the entrance. Keep wringing your mop continuously as you go.

Important point

Remember, textured vinyl is trickier to keep clean. Due to texture, it seems like dust and dirt can hide there, comfortably. Therefore, your textured vinyl floor will require more attention and you might need to clean the area for more time comparatively.

Rinse it

Once you have mopped your floor, rinsing it properly is important. It is highly recommended to never skip this step. Otherwise, you will have soap or film residue on your recently washed vinyl floor.

So, fill a bucket of clean water and mop your floor. Otherwise, pour a little water onto the floor and wipe that out quickly before it gets sent there. Also, take clean cloth and dry out your vinyl floor with that for perfect finishing.

Ways to remove ground-in stains and dirt

It is highly recommended to remove stains from your vinyl floor immediately when these happen. However, if you have to deal with rough and tough stains, then using a baking powder mixture will be perfect for this.

Even though baking soda is abrasive mildly, however, it is highly effective to cut through tough stains in the best possible way. to make a mixture, mix baking soda and water equally and combine these well to make a paste. Then wipe away excess liquid from the mixture before applying it on the vinyl floor.

Rub the paste after applying it with a soft cloth to remove the stains right away.

Additional tips to maintain your vinyl floor effectively.

Even though regular cleaning is important to keep your vinyl flooring in the best possible condition. However, you must adopt some preventive ways to maintains its best condition more effectively:

  1. Firstly, you must place a doormat in the entrance where vinyl flooring is installed. This will reduce the dirt residues getting insider effectively.
  2. The primary trick to keep your vinyl flooring in the best shape is sweeping frequently. Ensure to run a soft broom quickly when you see dirt or dust accumulated on the floor.
  3. Whenever you want to use a commercial cleaner, prefer to make the right choice in this regard. Opt for the cleaners only that are best for vinyl flooring.
  4. Ensure to place floor protectors under heavy furniture items. This will let you avoid any stains and wear on the vinyl floor.
  5. Don’t let water sit on your vinyl floor for longer. It can cause wear and tear in your vinyl flooring.

So, that’s it about how to keep vinyl floors cleaned at home. Make sure to follow all these instructions to get the best results in this regard.

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