Our company offers commercial carpet cleaning services fully tailored to suit your needs. Be it a pub, school, shop, church, community center, or office, we have industrial-grade solutions, equipment, and expertise to execute any cleaning job, no matter how big or small.


Cleaning your carpets regularly is the best way of protecting your investment. Not only it will impact your customers, but the more they get soiled and stained, the more difficult they become to clean resulting in more expensive bills and possible wear and tear that will greatly reduce the life of your carpet.

For commercial carpet cleaning, we start by applying a fast-action chemical pre-spray treatment. The pre-spray is a combination of carpet shampoo, degreaser, and specific stain removal solutions that soaks deep into the carpet fibers, breaking down all the soil, grime, and stains from the roots, pushing the dirt upward.

Second stage is something called carpet agitation. Agitation is very important as it can significantly improve results when using the pre-spray method. This machine features twin contra-rotating brushes that open up the carpet pile and work the cleaning agent deep into the pile and around every fiber.

The last stage is water extraction. Our fully trained carpet technicians are equipped with brand new Craftex machines, well known for being the best on the market. Once the machine is on, the water pump sprays clean water and shampoo onto the carpet, while the high-water-lift twin vacuum motor pulls it and rinses the carpets at the same time.

Our proven process guarantees exceptional results, re-giving your carpets a fresh and vibrant new look.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Services in Dublin
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