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We understand how bad a dirty terracotta floor can look and how difficult it can be to get it cleaned on your own, that’s why we spent a lot of time, money, and effort in finding the best and safest cleaning solutions and techniques, so you don’t have to.

Having completed many terracotta floor cleaning jobs, we perfect a very efficient and eco-friendly cleaning system that removes dirt build-up and also restores your grouting to its original color where possible.

This type of flooring is very unique and mostly found in older homes, with the oldest one we’ve restored being 110 years old! Back in the day, people used to oil it up with linseed oil but that always turned into a huge mess and we don’t recommend it at all.

Protect Your Floors from Damage

Terracotta floors are like a sponge, very porous and prone to staining if not properly sealed. We work with a range of fantastic sealants from an Italian company. For example, if you prefer the natural rustic look, we recommend a mat/invisible stain-proof sealant. If the terracotta is very worn out and hasn’t been looked after properly, we recommend a tropical sealant. This creates a beautiful glaze on the surface, making everything look more even and fresh.

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Should you use linseed oil on terracotta floors?

No, we don’t recommend it anymore as there are more modern sealants available that will do a much better job and last way longer.

How much does terracotta floor cleaning cost in Dublin?

It depends on the conditions, size, and treatment required. While some floors are straightforward, others have sealant from 10 years ago that will not “cooperate” with us, therefore a deeper process is required. Please contact us now for a free estimate.

How long does a sealed terracotta floor last?

We only use very high-quality Italian sealants for this flooring so most of our clients work with us on a 12-36m basis. The main thing is how well you take care of it once we’re done and if you follow our cleaning tips.

The most popular questions and answers
about Terracotta Floor Cleaning service in Dublin

Does terracotta have any disadvantages?

Terracotta has a number of disadvantages. It is a porous material, which means it can absorb water and moisture from the air. This can lead to the material cracking or breaking down over time. Terracotta is also not as strong as some other materials, so it may not be suitable for certain applications.

What are the advantages of terracotta?

Some advantages of terracotta are that it is a natural material, it is durable and it has a high thermal mass, which means it can absorb and store heat.

Is terracotta waterproof?

Terracotta floor is a type of clay that is fired in a kiln to create a hard, durable material. While it is not waterproof, it is resistant to water absorption.

When terracotta tiles need cleaning?

Terracotta floor tiles need to be cleaned on a regular basis to prevent dirt and grime from building up. Depending on the type of tile, they may also need to be sealed to protect them from stains.

Why terracotta tiles must be cleaned before sealing?

Terracotta tiles must be cleaned before sealing to ensure that the sealant will properly adhere to the surface of the tile. If the tile is not cleaned, the sealant may not bond properly and could peel or flake off over time.

How a professional floor cleaning company clean your terracotta floors?

A professional floor cleaning company will have the right equipment and products to restore your terracotta floors. They will also have the experience and expertise to know what method is best for your floors. The professionals will use different methods like hot water extraction, dry cleaning and others to clean terracotta floors.

Are terracotta tiles breathable?

Terracotta tiles are one of the most breathable types of tile. They are made from a natural clay material that is kiln-fired to create a hard, durable surface. The pores in the clay allow the tile to breathe, which helps to keep the room beneath the tile cooler and more comfortable.

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