Terracotta meaning (baked earth) is made from clay. With a very rustic, warm, and Mediterranean look, this floor is known for being a very strong, durable material that is also resistant to mould. It can last for decades when maintained properly! Because the tiles are naturally porous, they should be professionally sealed to protect against stains, scratches, and moisture.

By using a range of products from Italy, our proven system ensures your floor will be restored to its full glory. No more rubbing linseed oil! We usually start with a mild acidic treatment; this cleans the grout and any dirt infiltrated inside the pores. Then the floor is scrubbed with a slow-speed buffing machine and a suitable pad safe for this floor. The following step is high lift water extraction, this step will fully remove all dirt from the floor. Next step is to fully dry the floor with assisted fan ventilation. A very crucial step in ensuring the sealant fully adheres. As last, the best part. Once the sealant is applied, a dept enhancing, wet-look result is achieved. This fully brings the floor back to life in terms of looks with added protection and easier maintenance.

As we’re one of the very few companies in Ireland that can correctly seal this type of floor, regardless if you chose us or someone else, please ensure to do your homework. We see too many terracotta floors ruined by applying the wrong type of sealant, which can result in peeling or permanent damage.

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How to keep the terracotta floor cleaned at home?

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