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Commercial Cleaning in Dublin

We are a commercial cleaning company in Dublin offering a wide range of cleaning services to our clients. Whether you need commercial cleaning or office cleaning, our staff are ready to provide you with the best services in the industry. We have been providing cleaning services for many years and have gained a vast amount of experience in this field. We are proud to say that we are one of the most reliable cleaning companies in Dublin. Our staff is highly trained and experienced in the cleaning field.

We are always ready to help you with your cleaning needs.

A Full Professional Cleaning Service Was Provided For This Commercial Space Hotel
All the dust, dirt and grime was cleaned from the surfaces of the office, kitchen and bathroom areas.
Ceilings, walls, doors, floors and windows were cleaned and polished by the highly skilled cleaners.

Bathroom cleaning

Where a high degree of disinfection and sanitization is needed we generally use a combination of bleach and soap agent. This ensures the area is germ-free and shiny. All surfaces and fixtures are cleaned and sanitized. We sanitize the tub, toilet, counter tops, sinks, mirrors, and floors. The floors are then scrubbed to ensure that no germs are left behind. We then look at the area for any left over dirt in the corners or cracks. These are scrubbed and the cracks are also sprayed with disinfectant. We clean the mirrors with a special solution that prevents the mirrors from fogging up. We then leave the restroom looking sparkling clean and ready for use.

Kitchen, canteen, restaurant cleaning

Our staff uses a food-safe degreaser and sanitizer, ensuring all the food preparation areas, fridges, countertops, tables chairs, and floors are well degreased and bacteria-free. This is followed by floor cleaning and mopping with the correct solution.

School, community center, church

Where there is a lot of traffic, our staff thoroughly cleans and disinfects all the high contact surfaces areas such as doors, tables, presses, sitting area, couches, chairs, etc.. This is all followed by hoovering, dusting, window cleaning, polishing of chrome/glass, and floor cleaning.

Our highly experienced cleaners can tackle any job, from small jobs to complete re-vamps. Talk to us today for a free estimate

By hiring us you eliminate the headache of sourcing for different types of cleaning services from different companies as we offer a comprehensive all-in-one solution.

The most popular questions and answers
about Commercial Cleaning service in Dublin

How much does it cost to get your commercial space professionally cleaned?

For commercial jobs we usually complete a free pre-inspection with no obligations to fully understand your needs and to brush out all the details. This allows us to give you the best possible estimate, saving time spent on back-and-forth emails.

Why chose us for commercial cleaning projects?

  • Wide experience in commercial cleaning such as canteens, pubs, restaurants, offices, youth centers, churches
  • Fully trained and qualified cleaners with a background in commercial cleaning
  • Industrial equipment and eco-friendly solutions
  • Affordable, fast, reliable, and trustworthy service

How long does it take us to complete a commercial cleaning job?

With the use of state-of-the-art cleaning tools and contemporary methods, we are sharp, efficient, and straight to the point. Commercial jobs can take from few hours to few days depending on the project.

How does it work when you book a cleaning service for your commercial space?

First, you request a free and no obligations estimate by phone or contact form. Once the date, time and pricing are agreed you will be provided a team of cleaners who bring all the cleaning equipment and solutions with them so that you don’t need to worry about anything.

After the initial walk-around is completed with the cleaners to highlight your requirements, you are free to leave the premises and they will contact you by phone with 30 minutes notice before the cleaning is done. Before leaving, a further walk-around will be done with you to ensure all the standards have been met and to highlight any issues.

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