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Top Reasons Why You Should Clean And Seal Your Marmoleum Floors

Marmoleum floors are one of the most elegant floors because of their unique appearance and their unique structure. However, this uniqueness also makes it very important to clean and seal the floors. It is because most of the time, these floors are pretty expensive, and reviewing the floors after a short time is not the best option for your budget. Well, there are several reasons why you need Marmoleum floor cleaning. So, here we will be discussing some of them.

Reasons why cleaning and sealing Marmoleum floors is very important

Whether you want to maintain the looks or the long life, there is only one thing, and that is maintenance. For the Marmoleum floors, maintenance means regularly cleaning the floor surface and seal it to protect against damage. Here are the top reasons why you should clean and seal your Marmoleum floors.

It is very easy to turn spills into spots and spots into stains.

When we speak about the Marmoleum floors, a simple spill can make you regret it. The spill can turn into a spot, and that spot can turn into a stain without any issues. However, this only happens when you ignore the cleaning and sealing. So, whenever there is a spill, you must clean it off as soon as possible. In this way, the surface of Marmoleum floors will not react with the spill.

Sealing is also vitally important in this regard. When you do the floor sealing, you are protecting it against the reactions with spills. It gives you a bit more time to do the cleaning.

Sealing the floor helps against furniture legs that can cause permanent damage.

One of the biggest enemies of the Marmoleum floors is the furniture. It is because of the following things.

  • Furniture is heavy.
  • The legs of the furniture are sharp mostly.
  • Moving the furniture without scratching the floor is almost impossible.

With these points, there are many more that are supportive of the destruction of your Marmoleum floors. However, the only way to save your floor is to get commercial floor cleaning and sealing services. It is because the professionals apply sealants that are specially made for the Marmoleum floors.

These sealants ensure that when the furniture or any other heavy object is moved on the floor, they take the damage instead of the base layer. It increases the life of the floor by decreasing the chances of permanent damage. It is because the thick layer of sealant will be taking all of the damage.

Going one step further in cleaning will only help in increasing life.

Cleaning does not only mean that you clean the Marmoleum floors. You can do other significant things that will be very helpful in making the floor last longer. These are the practices that will be beneficial for the floor.

  • Placing floor mats.

The place’s entrance is the point where there is a lot of exposure of dirt to the floor. As the dirt particles can cause scratches to the Marmoleum floors, its shine can get dull, and after some time, it will require renewal services. However, if you place a floor mat at the entrance, it will reduce this chance of getting scratches on the floor. In this way, you are cleaning the floor, and this cleaning is elongating life.

  • Using clean mops

When you are cleaning the regular floors, you can use any type of mops and a lot of water. This is because this water is simply going to wash off. It is not the case with the Marmoleum floors as you need to use only a clean mop with very less water on it. Here sealing is also important as it will keep the water from reacting with the floor surface to cause any spots or stains.

At the same time, a regular cleaning with a clean mop is also important as it will ensure the removal of dirt and dust that can scratch up the surface of Marmoleum floors.

Getting commercial floor cleaning is important because you can ruin the floor by using the wrong chemicals.

Cleaning these floors only with water and mop is not enough as there is a need for chemicals. In this case, getting commercial floor cleaning services is very important. It is because the chemicals have a pH value, and if you use the wrong pH value chemical, this can cause permanent damage to the floor. On the other hand, the professionals exactly know what amount of pH they should use.

So, when you get commercial floor cleaning from professionals, they make the floors clean and protect their life at the same time.

You cannot use too much water, so cleaning and sealing help in several ways.

Washing off the surface of these floors is not an option at all. Even a simple accidental spill can be damaging to the overall appearance of the floor. However, when you have sealant applied on the floor, it is protected from spills.

Commercial floor cleaning and sealing helps in applying better sealing, so commercial services are necessary

Although sealing the floors is important, this does not mean that you can do it by yourself. It is necessary to get commercial floor cleaning and sealing services. It is because applying sealant requires precision work. The best here is to apply thin, even layers, and applying 2 to 3 layers at least provides the best final product.

Doing things by yourself can make you apply very thick layers, which will destroy the appearance. So, you must consider getting commercial floor cleaning and sealing services.


While the Marmoleum floor looks amazing because of its unique appearance, it requires a lot of care. Whether it is removing the spills as soon as possible or you need to use the right chemicals. You must pay attention to every little detail associated with these floors.

Here we were discussing why cleaning and sealing these floors is very important. We were also elaborating on how selecting the professionals’ services will be the best choice for you.

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