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How To Clean Fabric And Leather Sofas At Home?

Whether you are watching your favorite Netflix shows or having a relaxing time with family, the sofa is the perfect resting point. However, no matter how much care you are in, there are stains, grime, and spillage that can build up with regular use.

While it doesn’t mean to fill up your trolly with expensive cleaning agents. It is because all you need is some natural ingredients only to give a new life to your upholstery. Surprisingly, many of them are available in your kitchen cabinet.

Do you want to know how to use these for natural sofa cleaning? Let’s have a look at the details given below in this regard.

Important Note:

Before choosing any of the below-mentioned cleaning methods, check the sofa cleaning code of sofa fabric. These are commonly mentioned underside your sofa cushions.

The best ways to consider for leather and fabric sofa cleaning

So, here are the best ways to perform sofa cleaning that you must know:

Fabric and leather sofas are great and cozy. However, for many people, fabric or leather sofa cleaning is a nightmare. However, it would help if you still reclaimed your sofa’s shine and lounge-worthy status by considering following sofa cleaning instructions.

So, here we go:

Review the manufacturer’s instructions

Firstly, you need to check the instructions of the manufacturer mentioned before cleaning your sofa. More often, these instructions can let you know how to perform sofa cleaning effectively.

If you got them, never deviate from these recommended instructions to clean your fabric or leather sofa.

Read the sofa tags carefully.

However, if you are unable to find any instructions, don’t worry. There must be a tag underneath your sofa cushions. Read this tag to get a clue about some important facts about your sofa.

Generally, you will find one of the 4 letters on the tag that are mentioned below:

  • W: It indicates that you can use water to clean.
  • S: It means you need to clean it using a special solvent-based cleaner, no water.
  • WS: It indicates that both of the above-mentioned methods are suitable for it.
  • X: It means Vacuum only.

Once you get to know what your sofa label says, clean accordingly.

Tips to consider for fabric and leather sofa cleaning

However, here we have some effective ways you can use to clean your sofa at home:

Give it a brush

To deep clean your fabric and leather sofa, you should start by removing any dirt and crumbs from surfaces and cushions. For this, take a clean yet dry cloth. Or use a vacuum with an upholstery cleaning attachment on it. In any case, make sure you are removing dirt from every corner of the sofa.

However, you might need to use a stiff brush on stubborn areas.

Pro Tip:

For a light-colored sofa fabric and leather, ensure to use a white cloth. Otherwise, it may get damaged with the dye of colored cloth.

Remove smells from your sofa.

Here is how you can remove smells from your fabric or leather sofa:

  • Remove crumbs from your sofa surface.
  • Then, sprinkle baking soda on the entire sofa surface. And leave it there for almost 20 minutes.
  • After that, vacuum your sofa using a brush attachment.

However, if it isn’t enough, then you can use a handheld steam cleaner to remove bad odors from your sofa.

Remove stains from the fabric or leather of your sofa

Here are some steps that you need to follow to remove stains from your fabric or leather sofa:

  • Take one tsp of washing liquid, baking soda, white vinegar, and warm water.
  • Mix all of these ingredients well.
  • Then, apply the paste directly to the sofa stains. Or you can smudge that on the stain of your sofa.
  • Let the paste sit there for about 10 minutes.
  • After that, use a clean cloth and wipe the surface properly to life any residue away.

Now you can have a stain-free refreshing sofa with ease. It is because both baking soda and vinegar make a perfect cleaning combination. So, these can work amazingly to cut through any grease, grime, spillage, and hard stains with ease.

How to condition your leather sofa?

Cleaning your leather sofa properly is just half of the process. However, to make your leather sofa look new and feel fresh, it definitely requires some deep conditioning.

For this:

You need to mix equal parts of any natural oil and vinegar in a bowl. (Flaxseed oil or lemon oil will tend to work the best in this regard).

  • Take a soft and clean piece of cloth. Dip the cloth into the mixture.
  • Wring the fabric out to ensure that it’s damp but not soaking. Then, start wiping down the surface of your leather sofa gently.
  • Leave it overnight.
  • The next day, use a fresh and dry cloth to wipe down your leather sofa.

Best practices to keep your sofa fresh and new-looking for longer

Undoubtedly, sofas are the most commonly used furniture pieces in your house. Still, you can keep them fresh looking and new for an extended period of time with ease. Here we have some best practices to consider in this regard.

So, here we go:

  • Whenever a stain occurs on your sofa, make sure to remove it as quickly as possible. Acting promptly will increase your chances of removing unwanted stains.
  • Make sure to clean your sofas regularly to avoid dirt and grime buildup as much as possible.
  • If you have a leather sofa, it is a must for you to condition that after cleaning. Otherwise, leather will lose its natural oils over time, and it will destroy the soft sheen of leather.
  • Whether you are having a fabric sofa or leather sofa, it’s always better to limit water usage for cleaning. This is necessary to keep their shine in the best possible way.

Overall, you have to follow some quick tips or best practices mentioned above. These will definitely help you to ensure the longevity of your leather and fabric sofa in the best possible way.

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