If your house or apartment has hard floors, there are several things you must know. To maintain the original look from fading away due to incorrect washing or damage from traffic, furniture, and sunlight floor manufacturers recommend that you clean and polish them professionally at least once per year.

Our company based in Dublin specializes in floor cleaning & polishing and has all the latest equipment and experience to get you the best results.

In order to prepare your floors for the polishing, we use a combination of floor cleaning chemicals and neutralizing solutions, machines, and techniques that ensure all the surface dirt, food/grease stains, and marks are carefully removed.

Depending on the type of floor, the next stage is the application of a thin layer of transparent, glossy, high-quality water-based floor polish or sealant that, on the first application will fill in the scratches and equalize/balance the floor surface.

A following two to three more layers of floor polish will be applied to make your floors shiny and vibrant, giving your home a whole new look.

The floor polish/sealant creates a robust protective layer that lasts between 12 – 24 months, allowing for easy regular cleaning and maintenance.

Make your Tile and grout floor look cleaner

Tile and grout cleaning

While most of our customers have tiles in the kitchen area, this type of cleaning can be done in the whole house, even on external areas such as a patio, apartment corridors, etc.

This is an excellent service if you want to get rid of brown and dark dirt stuck in the grout between your tiles and make your floor look cleaner, whiter, more spacious, and shiny.

In order to achieve the best result possible, we use an Italian range of products from Faber, that has been specifically formulated for tile and grout cleaning. By using a combination of machinery and manual agitation followed by high-speed extractions we ensure the floors are fully dried and you can freely walk on them once the job is complete.

You can also avail of the sealing service which we highly recommend to anyone as it can be done on most tiled floors. By using an impregnator sealant, the floors can be protected from water marks, dirt, and grime, making it easier to maintain. There’s also a color enhancer sealant suitable for older floors that are duller and worn out.

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That Has Been Specifically Formulated For Tile And Grout Cleaning
Cleaning laminate floors are definitely the most popular choice
Cleaning Laminate Floors Are Definitely The Most Popular Choice

Laminate floor cleaning

From a practical standpoint such as scratch resistance, moisture resistance, maintenance, and cleaning laminate floors are definitely the most popular choice.

As most laminate floors are not waterproof, this means that if you spilled a glass of wine/coffee/tea or oil, they could potentially get permanently marked as the liquid gets pulled in the fibers. Also since they immediate wood floors dirt builds over time and gets stuck between the fibers making the floors look dirty and brow. For this type of floor, we start by deep cleaning and machine buffing the floor to ensure all dirt has been lifted and it’s ready to be sealed.

The sealant we use is a quick-drying, high-quality, glossy (wet look) type of finish that enhances and offers your floors a brand new permanent shine. Normally 2 hands of polish are applied for the best results. By doing this your floors will be easier to clean, healthier-looking, and protected against spills and scratches.

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Amtico or Karndean are a premium, robust, and long-lasting type of floor

Amtico and Karndean cleaning

LTV floors or (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) such as Amtico or Karndean are a premium, robust, and long-lasting type of floor.

They are very popular because of how well they can imitate wood and stone-type surfaces such as marble. The best way to ensure these beautiful floors stay in pristine conditions, especially if you have high foot traffic, kids, or pets is to seal them. This creates a thin layer of protection on the surface of the floor ensuring all scratches, marks, and dirt gets deposited there, instead of the actual tile. This allows for easier maintenance and increases the longevity of the floor.

The sealant (or polish) also enhances the appearance of the floor giving it a wet glossy look. The polish can then be renewed every 12 months ensuring the protection is always there.

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Amtico Or Karndean Are A Premium, Robust, And Long-Lasting Type Of Floor
Wood floors are extremely durable and can last a lifetime
Wood Floors Are Extremely Durable And Can Last A Lifetime

Wood floor polishing or oil refresh

Wood floors are extremely durable and can last a lifetime (if looked after!). Generally, there are 2 types of wood floors, varnished or oiled.

If your varnished floors are old and damaged but you still want to keep them for another while, we recommend getting them cleaned and sealed as this is a much cheaper alternative to floor sanding. The polish we use is transparent, this means that it will improve the current look by giving it a vibrant, enhanced, wet finish.

If your floors are oiled, they must receive an oil refresh every 6-12 months. As these floors are more sensitive to spills and stains, the moisture and protection from the oil must be actively maintained in order to prolong the floor’s life. Normally we start by deep cleaning the floors with a cleaning agent specially formulated for oiled floors. This step cleanses the dirt without damaging the oil layer on the wood. Next step is to gently apply the oil refreshing treatment by hand. This solution binds to the current oil, reactivating it and making it smoother, deeper more uniform, and protected.

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There are 2 options when it comes to natural stones such as marble and travertine floors

Marble and Travertine floor cleaning

A natural stone floor is extremely durable for foot traffic and daily life. Considered a high-end, luxury type of floor because of its royal appearance. It’s a big investment to have one installed, so it’s very important to have it maintained as well. Marble is made up of small pieces of rock and sediment, which are bound together by natural minerals. This can make it a little harder to clean.

Generally, there are 2 options when it comes to natural stones such as marble and travertine floors. Restoration, which is very expensive, time-consuming, and has some risks. This is done by using a process involving removing the grout, pulling up tiles, removing mortar, and once everything is back together grinding of the tiles with a sandpaper-like pad system, and can only be done a handful of times.

Therefore, we came up with a much better alternative. Our well tested system is more efficient, faster and yields fantastic results by using a premium range of products from Italy. We start by applying a safe, mild acid treatment, by doing so all marks, grease, and dirt are removed. Then it’s followed by a powder treatment, buffed in every single tile with a slow speed buffing machine. This acts as a sealant, by binding to the floor molecules which will allow us to restore the shine at the end. Once the powder treatment is applied, the excess is removed, and the floor rinsed and vacuumed. High-airflow ventilators will be also used to fully dry the floors. Now we begin to polish the floor with a high-speed buffing machine. This will create a natural-looking, long-lasting beautiful shine.

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There Are 2 Options When It Comes To Natural Stones Such As Marble And Travertine Floors

The most popular questions and answers
about Floor Cleaning and Polishing service

What’s typically included?

Depending on the type of floor, the process may vary.

  • Pre hovering/removal of small trash items
  • Floor washing, stripping, priming
  • Sealing with polish or impregnator
  • Buffing using high-speed technology for an amazing shine

Why chose us?

  • Quick and efficient on the phone booking/quotation
  • Affordable pricing
  • High attention to detail
  • We use professional cleaning equipment
  • Most of our solutions are made in Italy have been tested and proven to work and deliver the best results

How long does it take to get the floors cleaned and polished/sealed?

Depending on the size of the job, it can take between 2 to 6h.

For example, Marmoleum floors require stripping the old polish, washing, and re-sealing,

While laminate or amtico floors only require deep cleaning, buffing, and sealing.

How much does it cost to get the floors cleaned and polished?

Usually, we need to view, measure and inspect the floors before a quotation is provided.

What is the drying time after the sealant or polish is applied to the floor?

There are a few factors that determine the drying time. This includes the floor temperature, room temperature, and airflow.

Generally, the water-based floor polish dries in 30 min – 1h and the impregnator 1h to 1-30h.

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