If your house or apartment has hard floors, there are several things you must know. To maintain the original look from fading away due to incorrect washing or damage from traffic, furniture, and sunlight floor manufacturers recommend that you clean and polish them professionally at least once per year.

Our company specializes in floor cleaning & polishing and has all the latest equipment and experience to get you the best results.

In order to prepare your floors for the polishing, we use a combination of floor cleaning chemicals and neutralizing solutions, machines, and techniques that ensure all the surface dirt, food/grease stains, and marks are carefully removed.

Depending on the type of floor, the next stage is the application of a thin layer of transparent, glossy, high-quality water-based floor polish or sealant that, on the first application will fill in the scratches and equalize/balance the floor surface.

A following two to three more layers of floor polish will be applied to make your floors shiny and vibrant, giving your home a whole new look.

The floor polish/sealant creates a robust protective layer that lasts between 12 – 24 months, allowing for easy regular cleaning and maintenance.

We also offer a wide selection of clean services to suit all types of domestic floors:

  • Marble floor
  • Ceramic floor
  • Wood floor
  • Laminate floor
  • Tile and grout
  • Vinyl floor
  • Amtico floor
  • Marmoleum
  • External patio

Floor Cleaning and Polishing Services in Dublin
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