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If you have a natural stone floor such as travertine you also know how difficult it is to keep it well maintained and cleaned. Especially when the floor has a lot of large pores (holes) where dirt tends to deposit easily from your daily traffic.

Our company has spent a lot of time, effort and money in testing and finding out the best and most cost-effective way to achieve the ideal travertine floor cleaning. By using a combination of machine and manual agitation, floor buffing, diamond polishing and powder sealing we’ve successfully restored the beautiful, white, and clean look that everyone wants, many times already!

By having your travertine professionally cleaned, it will stay clean way longer as we get into every pore and also extract the dirty slurry. This will eliminate the need for you to get on your hands and knees for a long time.

If your floor is full of holes, they can be filled just like teeth cavities, but this could turn into a very expensive process and it could ruin the natural look. This is why regular maintenance is key here! A travertine floor cleaning service is required every 12-36 months in order to keep it maintained.

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How much does travertine floor cleaning cost in Dublin?

With natural stone we need to inspect the job, and we will also do a demo for you to showcase the results we can achieve. Please contact us directly for a free estimate

Can you fill the holes in travertine?

We don’t offer such as service, as this is the nature of this flooring. What we can do is to ensure all the pores are deep cleaned and all dirt fully extracted during the process.

Will you clean the grout also when you clean my travertine?

Yes, we will deep clean and restore your grouting by removing all ingrained dirt.

Will you also seal my travertine flooring?

We can also add a stain-proof sealant to your flooring. Please keep in mind this won’t prevent the holes in the floor from getting ingrained dirt. The only way to prevent that is regular militance or filling them up with a special compound.

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