We understand how busy and hectic life can get looking for a Cleaner in Dublin City, and it’s difficult to even find a few hours to get some house cleaning done. This is why our once-off service is the perfect solution for your house. There is nothing better like the feeling of getting back home and see everything shiny, cleaned, polished, and smelling fresh.

Our cleaners are equipped with a whole arsenal of cleaning solutions, tools, and knowledge to tackle any spot, stain, or mark.

On arrival, we always inspect your house to check for any pre-existing damage/ stains which will be pointed out to you. After that, the cleaners will select the best and most suitable solutions for your needs and commence to pre-spray surfaces, allowing for the chemicals to work. This is to ensure all dirt, grime, and soil dissolve at a deeper level, allowing for a greater end result.

Finally, once the house cleaning is complete, we do a walkaround with you, to ensure all your requests have been met and to ensure nothing has been missed. Our house cleaning service is a must-have for anyone looking to freshen up their home.

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How much does a once off house cleaning cost?

Please note, our pricing for Once off House Cleaning is based on average size and average conditions. Bigger apartments or very dirty apartments will cost more due to extra time needed.


2 Bed House -€210

3 Bed House – €250

4 Bed House -€300

How long does it take to get your house professionally cleaned?

On average it takes between 2 -5 hours, depending on the job. Once the walk-around is done you will be given an estimated time.

What’s typically included in your once off house cleaning package?

  • Dusting all surfaces including blinds and lamps
  • Floor Vacuuming & Washing
  • Deep cleaning bathrooms and kitchens
  • Internal Windows
  • Oven
  • Inside presses & furniture (must be pre-emptied)
  • Skirting boards
  • Door handles and switches

How does it work when you book a once off house cleaning service?

First, you book our Once off House Cleaning service by phone or contact form. Once the date, time and pricing are agreed you will be provided a team of two cleaners who bring all the cleaning equipment and solutions with them so that you don’t need to worry about anything.

Once an initial walk-around is completed with the cleaners to highlight your requirements, you are free to leave the premises and they will contact you by phone with 30 minutes notice before the house cleaning is done. Before leaving, a further walk-around will be done with you to ensure all the standards have been met and to highlight any issues.

Why chose us for your house cleaning?

  • Quotation and booking instantly over the phone
  • Affordable pricing
  • Reliable, detailed, and trustworthy service
  • Best available cleaning equipment and eco-friendly solutions

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