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Folkan Care is a leading provider of tile and grout cleaning services in Dublin. Backed by expertise and over 300+ floors cleaned every year; we fully understand our customers’ expectations, and this is why we can deliver such a great service with fantastic results at a reasonable price.

Our tile and grout cleaning service is designed to enhance the overall appearance of your floors and prolong their life, be it at your house or business premises. You will also have a wide range of sealants to choose from such as color enhancers, stain-proof, high gloss, etc…

By using a combination of advanced equipment, techniques, and eco-friendly chemicals we remove dirt, grime, and stains from your tiles and grout lines, restoring them to their original beauty and allowing for easier maintenance after that.

Our team of experienced tile and grout cleaners is dedicated to delivering high-quality and efficient floor cleaning services to our clients. Trust us to provide you with a clean, fresh, and healthy environment.

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How much does tile and grout cleaning cost in Dublin?

Pricing is based on the type of tile, size, and conditions. This means we need images, size, and possibly an in-person inspection to give you the best price possible.

How much does tile and grout sealing cost in Dublin?

This again is based on the type of sealant and size. Not all floors can be sealed, to find out if you can get yours sealed please contact us directly.

How long do a tile and grout last after you get it professionally cleaned and sealed?

This is a very good question that we get all the time, and the answer is always the same. It’s entirely up to you how well you keep it. It could last 1 week or 3 years. We fully provide you with maintenance tips, tricks, and advice on job completion.

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