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The Right Way To Clean The Victorian Tiles At Home

How to clean Victorian tiles floors at home is what everybody has been asking. The reason is that almost everyone has these absolute pieces of art at their homes, but they do not want to pay a fortune for professional cleaning services. Similarly, they do not want to damage these tiles unintentionally.

If you have these tiles installed at your home, you must be worried about cleaning them in the best way so that their artistic appearance doesn’t fade away. Well, if yes, then you are at the right place. Not only will you get to know the right process for cleaning Victorian tiles floors at home, but the tips and tricks we will unveil upon you will make your work even more efficient.

How to clean Victorian Tiles Floors at home

All you need is to be a little careful in simple words. Cleaning these tiles can be easier than ever if you divide the whole process into steps. Here we have divided the procedure into smaller chunks so that you can easily follow and get the best results.

Using the right stuff is necessary.

So, you came up with the idea of cleaning times at home, but you are not sure about how to clean Victorian tiles floors at home. The first thing that you need to get your hands on is the right set of items.

Although these tiles are a part of the floor, it does not mean that you can use tools and methods that you use with other parts of the floor. The main stuff that you may need for the process includes the following things:

  • Cleaning brush
  • Tile cleaner

When getting these, make sure that you get the ones recommended for tiles. Remember that the harsh brushes and cleaners may clean the tiles, but they will end up causing permanent damage to the tiles.

Tiles do not need cleaning, only.

You may have noted that the tiles are getting a bit pale, but they get good when you clean them. However, the joint between them does not. The reason is the difference in the materials of these two things. While tiles are made with different materials and different methods, the tile grout is not made with the same process. So, if that part is showing some aging or damage, then it is better to regrout it.

Going one step further won’t hurt.

Going a step further when cleaning Victorian tiles means using the right and the latest tools and techniques. Using a steamer is getting in trend as it makes the tiles clean without a lot of effort. Moreover, it does not cause any damage to the tiles, making it one of the best methods. In this way, you will not only be cleaning your tiles, but you will be disinfecting them as well.

Whenever you are following any of these methods, you need to ensure one thing, and that is regular cleaning. Set an interval when you are going to clean the tiles, and the look of your house will always stay sparkling clean.

General Tips and Tricks to make your life easy and efficient.

Tips and Tricks always make things easy, and if you are dealing with floor cleaning here, we have some of the best tops regarding Victorian tiles cleaning:

  • Using steam cleaning is only the preferable choice where tiles have stubborn stains
  • Even where you have stubborn stains, you can get things done using regular supplies instead of a steam cleaner
  • When using metallic tools to clean the grout, make sure that you are pointing the tools away from you to stay safe
  • Never skip the product instructions
  • Leaving the floor for about 20 to 30 minutes before you rinse everything out will bring out the best results.

Things that you must abide by

You might be thinking that it is a pretty simple process, and you can deal with it easily. However, being careful is something that matters the most as you will never want to damage these beautiful Victorian tiles of your home. There are a lot of minor mistakes that can cause permanent damage, so here we will be discussing all the things that you must abide by.

  • Starting from the center is never the right choice

When you are cleaning the Victorian tiles, a lot of things can go wrong. You can cause some damage unintentionally, and in the worst case, that could be permanent. When you start from a side or a corner, the damage stays there and can be easily treated in comparison. On the other hand, things will get difficult when it comes to treatment.

  • Excess of water can be damaging too.

When you are cleaning Victorian tiles, you must use a generous amount of water. However, the amount of water must never be too much. It can cause several issues resulting in the tiles loosening up and breaking.

  • Your protection matters as well.

Most of the time, people think that it is a pretty delicate job where they do not need any type of protection. What they ignore is that they can get their skin or eyes damaged if the detergent is harsh. So, in any case, eye and hand protection are necessary, and it must not be ignored.

  • Testing before applying can save you.

Before you start using a brush or a detergent, it is always a better choice to try it on a tile or two. In this way, you will know any side effects beforehand. Ignoring this little precaution is also what you must abide by.


If you were looking for how to clean Victorian tiles floors at home, then we hope that you have a good idea of all the Do’s and Don’ts by now. The modern tools and techniques have done cleaning and maintaining home floors of all materials very easy and efficient.

While you clean your Victorian tiles floors, you might have some other floors at your home as well, including different materials for outdoor and indoor floors. So, read this to know how you can efficiently clean several types of indoor and outdoor floors.

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