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How To Keep Tile Floors Cleaned At Home

People love to have tile floors in their homes commonly. For the best maintenance of these, it’s important to know how to keep tile floors cleaned at home.

Fortunately, unlike other different types of floorings, tile flooring is easier to clean and maintain in its best condition. Even more, tiles flooring is more often installed in the rooms that you have to use more frequently. It is because tiles flooring is meant to last for longer, particularly if you are going to take care of these.

All you need is warm water to clean and make your tile flooring shine in the best possible way.

A comprehensive guide on how to keep tile floors cleaned at home

More and more homeowners are now preferring to use tile floorings especially for kitchens, bathrooms, living, and other high-traffic areas in their homes. It is mainly because tile flooring looks more aesthetical and is easier to clean. Even more, these are durable as well. However, if you don’t know how to keep tile floors cleaned at home, these can build up dirt and grime easily. Due to this, your tile’s flooring can get stained and discolored as well.

Some of the most common culprits that discolor or stain your tile floorings include:

  1. Regular exposure to dust, dirt, and water
  2. Liquid spills
  3. Higher moisture levels
  4. Lack of ventilation can cause mildew and mold.
  5. Soap scum buildup
  6. Porous grout can absorb spills easily.

However, to get rid of all these things and prevent tough stains and discoloration of your tiles flooring, it is necessary to clean your tiles floor regularly. So, here we have enlisted the best ways regarding how to keep tile floors cleaned at home more effectively. Follows these steps to enjoy more benefits.

So, here we go:

Remove debris from your tiles floor

First and foremost, you can remove debris from your tiled floor using a vacuum, soft-bristled brush, or a dust mop. This is one of the most basic floor cleaning steps which should be performed before applying a cleaner or mop to the floor.

Identify tile material

Tiles floor comes up in dozens of different types ranging from ceramic tiles to quarry tiles and much more. Most of these tiles are sealed to protect against staining. While others are water-resistant and don’t require sealants.

However, to follow a more effective cleaning routine, you have to identify the type of tiles used in your home’s flooring. Then, you can choose the best cleaning methods accordingly.

Choose the cleaning agents well-suited for your tile type

When it comes to choosing the best cleaning agents for your tile, knowing the type of tile flooring you have is a must. However, generally, you should avoid using something highly acidic directly on your tiles. Also, consult with the manufacturer of your tiles to choose the best cleaning agents for these.

Additionally, if nothing is working for you, then you can simply go for cleaning agents that are pH neutral. However, it is always better to read the label before using these.

Mop your floor

It is always better to avoid using anything abrasive to clean your floor tiles. It is because common types of tiles can get scratched easily. You can easily use a wet mop to clean your tiles flooring properly.

Even more, to complete your tiles flooring in the best possible way, you can also prefer using a steam mop for tiles floor. A steam mop can make it easier to remove even the toughest stains and spots as well from tiles flooring in the best possible way.

Additionally, to enhance the color, gloss, and shine of your tiles, you must mop these regularly. However, before using any cleanser with mopping, it is highly recommended to use the manufacturer’s suggested cleaner only. This is highly important to avoid any damage to your tile flooring.

Clean it regularly

Deep clean your tile floors at least once every two weeks. This will let you avoid stains to sit on it. Make sure to do a deep dive regularly that must include cleaning your grout.

Always remember that grout is trickier to take care of. So, you must choose the best grout cleaner to maintain that well.

Natural ways to clean and make your tile floors shine

Putting the shine and sparkle on your tile floors is easier. For this, you just have to utilize a few items available in every pantry commonly. You can easily make these DIY mixtures to keep your tile floors sparkling clean in the best possible way.

However, here we have enlisted the best and natural ways to clean your tile floors in the best possible way. Make sure to use these when cleaning your tiles is becoming harder, or you are experiencing any rough and tough stains on tiles. In any case, these below-mentioned ways can help you more effectively.

So, here we go:

  1. Prepare a mixture of baking soda and water. This can be used for spot treatment while cleaning tile floors at home. Pour the mixture on stains and let that sit there for a while. Then wipe down that completely to get cleaned results.
  2. Now you can combine rubbing alcohol, white vinegar, and water in equal amounts. Then add half tsp of liquid dish wash in the mixture along with a few drops of essential oil. This can be used as an effective cleaner to use with a mop. Consequently, getting cleaned floors will become easier for you.

That’s all for your tile floor cleaning. It is always better to place a door map at the entrance of every room. This will help you to enjoy added benefits in your cleaning process. It is because dust accumulation inside can get lower and ultimately, you don’t have to deal with a hectic cleaning routine in this regard.

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For more cleaned tile floors, you must follow the above-mentioned tips and tricks. By following these steps regularly will make it easier for your tile flooring to hold up very well for years to come.


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