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Are the floors in your commercial space looking dirty and in need of a clean? Dublin is a complex city and it’s not easy to find the right cleaner.

Or you just made a substantial investment in new floors and looking to get them sealed to protect and prologue their life? Look no further!

Our company has huge experience in dealing with all types of floors and not only. By having top-of-the-range equipment and keeping up to date with all new solutions and products available on the market, we ensure the highest results possible is always achieved. We believe in quality over quantity, hence we chose to use only solutions from reputable manufacturers such as Faber that have been fully tested and guaranteed to work.

Since our teams have already completed many floor jobs for schools, medical practices, beauty salons, retail stores the process has been perfected to the very last, from the initial stages to the end result.

Once we have agreed on the details with you and booked a date the process looks like this:

Booking & confirmation

Once all details have been confirmed you will be provided with a date and time. You will be also contacted by phone/text prior to booking to re-confirm and also before we arrive at your propriety.

Floor pre-inspection and planning

On the day of the booking, our technicians will inspect the floor and decide on the best action to take. During this stage, you will also be informed of any current damage/stains pre-existing on the floors.


If necessary on this stage we pre-hover and remove all dust/dirt and small trash items manually. Depending on the type of floor a special blend of chemicals is used such as stripper, degreaser, floor cleaner. Then, the chemical is carefully applied by hand to all the floor surfaces by using a mop, ensuring all areas are covered, including corners.  The chemical is left to act for 10-15 minutes as it begins to slowly break down all the dirt, grime, grease.

Buffing & scrubbing

During this stage, we use a slow-speed commercial buffer and a special scrubbing pad with density suitable for the type of floor. What this machine does is basically, by rotative motion scrubs the floors and displaces/ removes all the dirt that the chemical solutions have pushed up from the floor, followed by manual scrubbing of all corners and edges to ensure a uniform cleaning is achieved.


Once all the buffing and scrubbing are done, our teams use wet vacuums to extract all the dirt and chemicals from the floors, getting them ready for the final stages. We are equipped with commercial Taski wet vacs, known in the industry for being the best and with the highest water-lift ratio.


The floors are rinsed and moped with a high Ph solution and freshwater to ensure the floor Ph has been restored from the acidic solutions previously used and to remove any of the remaining traces from extraction.

Sealing / Polishing

Once the floors have dried, we are now ready for the final stage. Based on the type of floor, we carefully seal them manually to ensure all spots are covered and nothing is missed. This process is repeated 2/3 times depending on the situation. Because we only use very high-quality polishes/sealants your floors will be protected against high foot traffic and have a fantastic eye-catching glossy look giving your commercial floors a new look.

Type of commercial floors we clean and polish:

  • Marble
  • Ceramic
  • Wood
  • Laminate
  • Tile and grout
  • Vinyl
  • Amtico
  • Marmoleum

The most popular questions and answers
about Commercial Floor Cleaning and Polishing service in Dublin

What is the drying time after the sealant or polish is applied to the floor?

There are a few factors that determine the drying time. This includes the floor temperature, room temperature, and airflow.

Generally, the water-based floor polish dries in 30 min – 1h and the impregnator 1h to 1-30h.

How much does it cost to get the floors cleaned and polished?

Usually, we need to view, measure and inspect the floors before a quotation is provided.

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