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Polished Concrete Floor

How to clean polished concrete at home is what a lot of people search for every day. The reason is that people do love their homes and they like to take care of every part of their homes. While keeping things clean is a must for everyone, some things make cleaning a little confusing. The polished concrete floors are a perfect example here.

While these are not difficult to clean at all, there are some parts where you need to be a little careful, and it makes people worried about cleaning their polished concrete floors at home. On the other hand, professional services guarantee results, but most of them cost a fortune for simple cleaning. So, here we will be discussing everything you need to know about cleaning the polished concrete at home.

All you need to know about cleaning the polished concrete floor at home:

The process of how to clean polished concrete at home is as simple as cleaning any other type of floor. However, there are a few simple things that are necessary to be taken care of. So, here is all that you need to know about cleaning the polished concrete floor at home.

1. Dry cleaning must be your priority for regular maintenance

First things first, regular maintenance and floor cleaning must be your priority. In the case of polished concrete, dry mopping is a good choice. Do you know what an even better choice is? Dry vacuuming is an even better choice when you are cleaning polished concrete.

The reason here is that when dry mopping or vacuuming is done, the dust particles are easily removed from the surface without causing any major issues to the polished surface. Other than these options, using the soft bristle brush can be an amazing option.

2. Wet mopping on polished floors works wonders to remove tough stains

While dry mopping and vacuuming take care of the easy-to-remove dust and stuff, it is no way near being enough when it comes to removing the stains from the floor. In this case, wet mopping or wet brushing is the way to go.

The question is what you should use when you are doing wet cleaning. Well, there are a lot of cleaning solutions, chemicals, bleaches, and soaps that you can use. However, using any other cleaning solution is not the option to go when cleaning polished concrete.

You must use only cleaners that are not too harsh on the concrete so that there is no permanent damage done to the floor. Some of the cleaners that you can use with polished concrete floors are low PH cleaners.

3. While you are doing the right things, avoid doing the wrong ones

So, you are grabbing your accessories for cleaning the polished concrete, and you do not know which ones are the wrong ones. Here we will be discussing all the items and things that must not get anywhere near the polished floor when you are cleaning it.

  • First of all, you need to pay attention to the cleaning solutions. These solutions must never be too acidic.
  • Bleaches and solutions with ammonia are not a good choice at all.
  • Secondly, the tools that you are selecting for cleaning the floor must be soft so that the polish of your floor is never damaged because of them.
  • Selecting anything like a metallic bristle brush is never a good choice. The reason here is the same that there are greater chances of damaging the polished surface of the floor.

Keeping all of these in consideration when working on how to clean polished concrete at home is the best practice.

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4. Pay attention to the spills as they are the easiest to clean.

The biggest enemy to polished concrete is the spills. They can be of any substance. The thing to consider here is that these spills can be cleaned easily, and they will not cause any issues. Otherwise, if these spills are left to dry on the surface,

they can end up staining the polished surface. In the worst case, if the material that you spilled was reactive, then it can cause permanent damage to the floor’s appearance.

5. Never let the cleaning solutions dry on your floors

Some people leave the cleaning solutions on the floor when cleaning. Well, it might work in other cases, but in the case of polished concrete, it is the worst thing you can do while cleaning. These solutions can end up causing stains on the floor, which will make the cleaning job more difficult for you.

6. Letting the floor dry first is an important thing as it ensures better cleaning.

In homes, it is a huge issue that people and kids walk over the wet floors. This is not a huge issue when it comes to other types of floors but in the case of Polished concrete, stepping on a wet floor means disaster. The steps get printed on the floor.

If the shoes or feet are dirty, then the stains or prints of the shoes can be even worse. So, when you are cleaning, you must be careful to let the floor dry off first before anyone walks on it.

7. Do not hold back if the floor asks for reapplication of wax or sealer

Wax or sealer is the reason why polished concrete has its look. Sometimes this look starts to fade away, and it means that the floor needs wax or sealers to be reapplied. If you can do it yourself, then it is great, then hiring professional services for this job is the best choice.

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Make sure that you are cleaning your polished concrete floor by yourself in the right way.

Polished concrete floors are delicate to deal with, so you must be as cautious as possible when dealing with them. How to clean polished concrete at home is what most people want to know. So, you can follow the things we discussed above for the best results.

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