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How Many Times A Month Should I Get My Home Cleaned

Many homeowners hire a professional house cleaner at least once a month to tidy up the interior and exterior of their property. Those who just have an easygoing schedule that only sees them cleaning their home about once a month could benefit from professional services as well.

How often you clean your home depends on many factors, such as how you live, the size of your home, and your time constraints. However, a standard recommendation is to have your home cleaned once every three weeks.

While that may sound like a lot, remember that you are cleaning your entire home’s interior. Even if your home is small, every room is different in size and shape, and these differences could account for anywhere from 25% to 50% of the overall square footage .

How to Cut Costs in the Cleaning Department First of all, don’t waste your money on expensive cleaning products. Those are a complete waste of money. There are several different ways you can cut costs and save money on cleaning supplies: Use plain water when mopping or washing floors..

If you’ve ever experienced a bad case (when urine stains show up on your carpet), then you know how important it is to keep it clean.
Using plain water is a great way to get rid of tough stains and keep your carpets clean. Even if your dog (or cat) has done their business on your carpet, you can just pour some baking soda on the spot, scrub it with a broom, and then let it dry.

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