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Cleaning your floors in Castleknock can seem like a difficult undertaking, and in the best of cases, requires a great deal of time, energy, expensive products and machinery. Especially if you also wish to apply a stainproof sealant or shiny polish. We also understand it's hard to get the right floor cleaning professionals to rely on in Castleknock, that's why we are fully committed to understanding your specific needs and advising you on the best options available, based on our years of experience and mastery in the field. As a local, family owned, floor cleaning company based in Castleknock we always strive to deliver the best possible results with your interest in mind, always. Be it just a simple floor cleaning or a more complex job such as floor stripping, priming, sealing, buffing, rest assured you are getting the best options available on the market.

In just a few steps, you can find a Floor cleaning near you in Castleknock.

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Meet your floor cleaner in Castleknock.
On the booked day, a floor restoration specialist will arrive at your Castleknock propriety / business.
Before we start.
After the inspection you will be recommended by our floor cleaning expert a number of treatments based on your floor type. Such as floor deep cleaning, polishing, sealing, buffing etc. All the costs will be pre-agreed in advance.
Relax while we restore your floors.
Dirty and dull floors are in the past, it’s time you enjoy your beautifully restored and sparkling cleaned floors. Our favorite part of the job is when we see your ear to ear smile from the fabulous results!

The most popular questions and answers
about Floor cleaning in service in Castleknock

What’s typically included?

Depending on the type of floor, the process may vary.

  • Pre hovering/removal of small trash items
  • Floor washing, stripping, priming
  • Sealing with polish or impregnator
  • Buffing using high-speed technology for an amazing shine

Why chose us?

  • Quick and efficient on the phone booking/quotation
  • Affordable pricing
  • High attention to detail
  • We use professional cleaning equipment
  • Most of our solutions are made in Italy have been tested and proven to work and deliver the best results

How much does it cost to get the floors cleaned and polished?

Usually, we need to view, measure and inspect the floors before a quotation is provided.

What is the drying time after the sealant or polish is applied to the floor?

There are a few factors that determine the drying time. This includes the floor temperature, room temperature, and airflow.

Generally, the water-based floor polish dries in 30 min – 1h and the impregnator 1h to 1-30h.

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